Vision & Target

Vision and Mission of the college

College vision:
Media Faculty; Egyptian academic institution, deals with media studies , upgrading and training of academic school that seek to preserve the identity of Egyptian civilization, the second college of its kind in Egypt after Mass Communication Faculty in Cairo University, the first in Upper Egypt that seeks to achieve the following values: scientific leadership in media studies and excellence in their programs Applied and training with the continuous development.
And thus summed up the overall vision in: -
- To maintain the cultural identity.
- Global.
- Future outlook.

 The overall message:
Preparing Egyptians' graduates  to work in various media fields, so as to able to deal with information and communication technologies committed to the ethics of the media profession , to be able to compete at both, the regional and national level and to retain conduct associated with the priorities of the regional community of scientific research , also to contribute for developing media institutions to provide consulting, training programs and preparing a generation of researchers and scientists representing the nucleus went to great research are Egyptian and Arab issues in the field of media development.