Faculty Administration

Faculty Administration

Administrative Structure of Faculty:

The College is headed by the Dean and is assisted by three agents:

1- Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs

2- Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

3- Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development


Faculty Council

It is headed by the Dean and includes in his membership:

1- College agents

2. Heads of departments

3- Professor from each department

4 - Assistant Professor and Teacher

5 - Three members at most from outside the college


Faculty Divisions

The university colleges and institutes are divided into independent departments, each with its own scientific, administrative and financial entities. The council is headed by the head of the department council. The council consists of all professors and assistant professors in the department, and five teachers at the most.

Scientific Conference of Faculty

The Dean of the College invites him to meet at least once during the academic year. The Conference shall be chaired by the Dean and shall include in his membership:

1- All faculty members in the college or institute.

2 - representatives of assistant teachers and recruits in the college.

3 - Representatives of students to be among the best in the study.

The Scientific Conference is dedicated to studying and discussing all matters of education, scientific and educational research, and the demands of society and its evolving needs.